April 9, 2013

IMPORTANT: Update from the Common CV User Group

Proposed future enhancements to the CCV include improved PDF functionality, such as changes to the layout to improve readability. This enhancement has an anticipated release of June 2013. However, this PDF is not the CIHR CCV output. The CCV sends a tab delineated file and CIHR is responsible for formatting the data.

Please email Helen Coe (hcoe@ualberta.ca) with questions, comments, or concerns about the new Common CV, and we will be more than happy to communicate these on your behalf.  Alternatively, please free to to send your feedback to CCV (feedback@ccv-cvc.ca) or CIHR (ccv-cvc@cihr-irsc@gc.ca).


Publishing Resources

In the new year, the Nursing Research Office launched its new publishing resources webpages to support publication choices and strategies!

You will find:

  • Access to new faculty publications every week
  • Information on publishing in nursing, including article preparation, peer review, copyright, and more
  • Information on how to make an impact with research and publication, including impact factors, citation metrics, social media, and the Faculty of Nursing’s Journal Influence Report, which provides various metrics for the most influential journals in nursing, health, and allied areas
  • Information on open access publishing, including CIHR’s open access FAQ’s, a chart of the various types of open access, a directory of open access journals, Beall’s list of predatory open access journals, and more
  • Information on managing research and information, including organizing documents, managing citations, using social media, and more
  • A monthly Tip & Trick to help with research, publishing, and information organization

Click HERE for more details.  To provide feedback and also offer suggestions for resources on topics that interest you, please email lwalter1@ualberta.ca.

CIHR Special Project

The University-wide CIHR Special Project supports applicants as they apply to CIHR through the delivery of feedback processes, workshops, resources, bridge funding and general assistance. This pilot is jointly supported by the Office of the Provost, the Office of the Vice-President Research, the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry and Alberta Innovates-Health Solutions.

Click HERE for more details.


Visit from the CIHR Institute of Circulatory & Respiratory Health (April 12, 2013)

Dr. Pierre Boyle, Assistant Director, CIHR Institute of Circulatory & Respiratory Health (ICRH) will be visiting the University of Alberta. His Town Hall will take place on Friday, April 12 in 1-498 Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (ECHA) from 8:30 – 10:00 am. Dr. Boyle will discuss the ICRH strategic plan and upcoming funding opportunities.

Click HERE for more details and to register.

Say What?? (May 8, 2013)

All students, staff, and faculty members in health sciences are welcome to join the Faculty of Nursing Chronicity Area of Excellence in a discussion of the social construction of chronicity, based on a paper by Martin and Peterson.

Click HERE for more details.

Rescheduled – Town Hall with Dr. Jane Aubin to Discuss CIHR’s New Open Suite of Programs and Associated Peer Review (May 16, 2013)

Dr. Jane Aubin (Chief Scientific Officer/Vice President Research, CIHR) has rescheduled her visit to the University of Alberta. Dr. Aubin will hold a Town Hall to discuss CIHR’s New Open Programs and Associated Peer Review on Thursday, May 16 in 2-190 Edmonton Clinic Health Academy from 8:30 – 10:20 am.

In the context of changes to the Open Programs and Associated Peer Review, CIHR plans to:

  • provide further details on the Foundation Scheme in the Fall of 2013,
  • include user acceptance testing as each of the detailed implementation plan unrolls,
  • develop a pilot that will apply the structured application and adjudication criteria to the Knowledge Synthesis Grant program,
  • and implement a Fellowships Program pilot which will test the virtual review component of peer review.

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