July 4, 2013

SPECIAL FEATURE: Award and Grant Funding Pre-Application Procedure

Are you considering applying for an award or grant funding? Before you begin, there is some important information that every researcher in the Faculty of Nursing should be aware of:

Eligibility to Apply for and Hold Funding

The University of Alberta acknowledges the importance of research funding and the need to ensure that the University’s responsibilities in regard to the roles and responsibilities for research administration are followed. Research funding at the University is classified in the financial system as a Project. The Project Holder is the individual who is deemed accountable for the appropriate expenditure of the revenue placed in a Project, in compliance with the terms and conditions of the sponsor(s), and with University policies and procedures.

To see who is eligible to apply for all external and internal research funding and hold research projects at the University of Alberta, visit the RSO website or click HERE to view the policy.

Notification of Intent to Apply

After eligibility for a particular funding or award opportunity has been established, the NRO requests that researchers submit a notification of intent to apply (NOIA), with as much advanced notice as possible.


  • Provide the Nursing Research Office (NRO) with the URL link to the sponsor’s guidelines in preparation for grant submission process
  • Express intent to submit an application for internal peer review by the Research Review Committee (RRC), or for preliminary comprehensive review (PCR)
  • Assist the NRO in the tracking of applications, facilitation of signatures, and submission of applications to the sponsor by the specified deadline


All applicants are to notify the Nursing Research Office of their intent to submit research applications and studentships (including LOI’s, registrations, and full applications) to both internal and external sponsors. This includes applications where the applicant is participating as a principal applicant or co-applicant.

Applicants are required to:

  • Email an NOIA to the Research Office distribution list at nuresear@ualberta.ca
  • Email subject line: “Notification to Apply” and researcher’s name
  • Include the sponsor’s deadline and the URL to the program guidelines on the sponsor’s website
  • Advise the NRO of the following: Submit to Research Review Committee – YES or NO
  • Review and understand the sponsor’s applications guidelines, particularly eligibility and evaluation criteria

Other considerations:

  • Is a Dean’s Letter of Support required for this grant application? YES or NO. If YES, provide the Associate Dean (Research) with a draft version of the support letter at least 2 weeks (10 working days) prior to the sponsor’s deadline or internal deadline specified by the Faculty of Nursing or Institution.
  • Is an Institutional Letter of Support required? YES or NO. As situations vary, the Research Office will work together with the applicant to meet the sponsor’s requirements.

Application Procedure

  1. Before submitting an application to the NRO, applicants must:
    1. Follow the application instructions that are provided by the funding agency. Applicants are responsible for reviewing and understanding the agency submission process and the University of Alberta’s policies and procedures.
    2. Obtain all required signatures including:
      1. Agency required signatures
      2. U of A required signatures
    3. Append a signed U of A Pre-Submission Supplementary Signature Pagewhen required.
  2. Submit the final, signed version of the application to the NRO a minimum of seven business days before the sponsor deadline in order that the application will be reviewed and returned to you by the Research Facilitation Office (RFO) in a timely manner.

NOTE: The NRO will facilitate obtaining signatures on behalf of the Faculty of Nursing (Dean) only. Delegation of signing authority has been authorized to the Associate Dean (Research) and Research Facilitator, respectively. Principal Investigators (PI) are responsible for obtaining all other required signatures before submitting their completed applications to the NRO. Please note that the RFO requires original signatures on supplementary signature pages (this includes faxed copies; however, photocopied pages will not be accepted).

Pre-Submission Supplementary Signature Page

Background and Instructions for Use:

The Pre-Submission Supplementary Signature Page for Applications and Proposals is designed to be included during the review and approval process for funding proposals to internal and external sponsors to capture information identifying whether new or additional University (Department/Faculty-funded) resources are required to support the proposed project, as well as the U of A required approvals (via signature). Changes to the Pre-Submission Supplementary Signature Page reflect decisions approved by Deans’ Council on January 19, 2011 and the Chairs’ Council Executive on February 1, 2011.

Completion of Form:

  1. The Pre-Submission Supplementary Signature Page must be completed in the following cases:
    1. when there is insufficient space on the sponsor application or proposal form for required U of A signatures,
    2. whenever there are U of A co-investigator(s) on any application or proposal;
  2. The PI must check either the “yes” or “no” check boxes, identifying whether additional U of A resources are required to support the application for funding, before obtaining the signatures of the department and faculty;
  3. The co-investigator(s) must check either the “yes” or “no” check boxes identifying whether additional resources are required from the co-investigator(s)’ Department and/or Faculty before submission for signatures by the PI’s department and faculty;
  4. If any new or additional resources are being provided by the co-investigator’s department or faculty, an email or letter from the co-investigator’s department and/or faculty must be attached to the Pre-Submission Supplementary Signature Page and circulated with the complete proposal; and
  5. the package must be signed (indicating approval) in the order below by the:
    1. University of Alberta PI,
    2. University of Alberta Co-investigator(s) [if applicable],
    3. University of Alberta PI’s Department,
    4. University of Alberta PI’s Faculty, and
    5. University of Alberta (NOTE: Research Facilitator/RSO will not sign on behalf of the U of A if co-investigator sections are incomplete and where required, the email/letter is not attached)

If you have any questions about this procedure, or any of the information within, please contact Heather Boyco, NRO Administrator, at:

Email: boyco@ualberta.ca
Phone: 780.492.6832
Office: ECHA 5-172

Programs and Events

Is SSHRC for Me? A Session for Health Science Researchers

This session is designed for researchers in Health Science faculties whose research has social science/humanities outcomes. If you are wondering about the eligibility of your research for SSHRC grants, and what is required when applying for a SSHRC, this session is for you. The objectives of the session will be to:

  1. Clarify subject matter eligibility of health-related research based on SSHRC’s guidelines
  2. Provide an overview of SSHRC grants and competition deadlines
  3. Review the application process
  4. Offer advice and strategies for framing your research for a SSHRC grant
  5. Field questions of any nature to support health-based researchers in their pursuit of SSHRC funding.

Date: July 12, 2013
Location: ECHA 5-140

For more information and to register, click HERE.

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