July 19, 2013

Important Announcements

NEWS: CIHR Fellowship Program

Deadline change and reminder about moving to one competition per year

This serves as a reminder that beginning in the Fall 2013, CIHR will only be offering one Fellowship competition per year. Despite this change, the number of fellowships awarded will be maintained at approximately 170 per year and the overall budget allocated to this program will remain unchanged at $21M over five years.

To ensure the successful implementation of this change, the CIHR Fellowship awards competition deadline will be moving to November 15, 2013 (rather than October 1) and the anticipated notice of decision will be on April 30, 2014. Although the deadline date is delayed for this competition, eligibility of candidates will not be impacted for this year as, exceptionally for this competition, applicants’ eligibility will be calculated as of October 1, 2013.

Click HERE to visit the CIHR website for details regarding the program and how to apply.

RefWorks “Name Change”

If you have a RefWorks account, you probably received an email stating that your RefWorks login will be changed to your email address. The following is a response from RefWorks regarding those people who have more than one account:

RefWorks is moving to a group code-less login setup. Previously, every login name had to be unique within a school. Now, every login name must be unique across Canada. So any of your accounts that have popular login names will be changed according to an algorithm. The process is being carried out in a few batches.

  • Whichever account has been accessed the most recently or most frequently will get to keep the name. (I don’t remember off the top of my head the exact method in which this rule is applied, but a combination of factors are taken into consideration.)
  • The next most recently/frequently used account will have the login name changed to the e-mail address associated on the account.
  • Any subsequent accounts with the same name will get a unique number identifier appended to the end of the login name.

If you go to the RefWorks login page, you can use the “Forgot Your Login Information” feature to send yourself a list of all the accounts associated with your e-mail address to see which ones have been changed. You can then log into your accounts and use the Update Profile link in the top-right corner to change the login name on any of your accounts as you wish.

For the moment you will still need a group code to access your account from off-campus, but we will be phasing this out sometime in the near future once we are finished the process of making all login names on the Canadian server unique.

Programs and Events

Meet our Undergraduate Summer Researchers!

Please join the NRO in supporting the Poster Presentations of the Undergraduate students participating in this year’s Launchpad to Research.

Thirteen students will showcase their summer research from 1:00 – 2:30p.m. on Wednesday, July 24 in the North Atrium as their final activity of the program. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

The program aims to raise students’ awareness of, and interest in, research through attendance of weekly two-hour sessions throughout June and July. The students have been exposed to a rich breadth of speakers from the Faculty of Nursing, as fifteen diverse presentations were made throughout the series.
Students have learnt to disseminate and celebrate their own summer research projects as they worked through the processes of writing an abstract, creating their posters, and now presenting their work.

The Poster Presentation will be adjudicated by Joanne Profetto-McGrath, Acting Dean, and Mandy Archibald, Doctoral Trainee. Please come and join them in providing thoughtful, practical feedback to contribute to this valuable learning exercise.

A special “thank you” to our generous sponsors and speakers who have made the series possible:

  • Lunch was graciously provided during the eight sessions by the following: Global Nursing Office; Graduate Programs; the Office of the Dean; the Nursing Research Office; and, Undergraduate Programs.
  • Funding for the production of the posters was sponsored by the Undergraduate Research Initiative.
  • Many thanks for enthusiastically sharing their time and talents go out to Mandy Archibald, Sylvia Barton, Alex Clark, Edward Cruz, James Doiron, Carole Estabrooks, Gina Higginbottom, Shannon MacDonald, Hannah O’Rourke, Pauline Paul, Joanne Profetto-McGrath, Jalal Safipour, Shannon Scott, Sarah Wall, and Olive Yonge.

Congratulations to our bright and engaging summer students: Layara Avila de Lima; Ross Ballantyne; Laura Cowan; Stefany Domingos; Aimee Gonzalez de Armas; Karly Jarema; Shez Kassam; Samantha Kuchera; Safia Marani; Andrew McCutcheon; Annie Pentney; Julie Peter; and, Marianna Vasconcelos.

To view the poster, program schedule, and the students’ abstracts, click HERE.

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