July 26, 2013

Important Announcements

Banting PDF Proposal Development Process for 2013

The deadline for submissions to the Banting Secretariat was brought forward to October 23 (it was November 1 last year). Timelines have been adjusted slightly from the version discussed at URPC. To view the final version of the Banting pdf internal process for 2013, click HERE.

Call for Research Project Proposals
Host an Intern through UARE as early as January 2014

University of Alberta International is accepting research proposals from faculty members for the University of Alberta Research Experience (UARE).

UARE is an internship program allowing senior undergraduate students from key international partner institutions and Canada’s top universities to conduct research at the UofA under the supervision of a faculty member.

Students gain hands-on, practical experience in their academic discipline and receive a stipend: $5,000 for international students and up to $6,000 for Canadian students. UARE only requires a $2,000 commitment per intern from the UofA faculty member; the remainder of the stipend is centrally-funded. Faculty members from all fields of study are strongly encouraged to submit a proposal to host a research intern.

UARE International Winter 2014 Internships

  • Placements of approximately 10 weeks, January to mid-March 2014
  • Select institutions in Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, USA
  • Project proposal deadline: July 31, 2013
  • Click HERE for more information

UARE International Summer 2014 Internships

  • Placements of 10 weeks to four months, May to August 2014
  • Select institutions from Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, USA, China, India, Germany
  • Project proposal deadline: September 30, 2013
  • Click HERE for more information

UARE Canada Summer 2014 Internships

  • Placements of normally four months, May to August 2014
  • Open to Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada in a postsecondary institution other than UAlberta
  • Project proposal deadline: November 30, 2013
  • Click HERE for more information

Contact fakuade@ualberta.ca with any questions.

Teaching Awards Newsletter

The latest edition of Spotlight, a newsletter designed to recognize our outstanding academic award winners and provide information on upcoming award opportunities, is available HERE.

In this issue you can find:

  • our spotlighted academic, Heather Zwicker
  • deadline information for the
  • 3M National Teaching Fellowship
  • 3M Workshop (REMINDER: Tuesday, July 30 from 9-11:50 AM in Telus 134)
  • Traditional Fulbright Scholar Awards

Contact bobbi.schiestel@ualberta.ca if you have comments or questions about any of the upcoming award competitions.

Programs and Events

Health Literacy Network: Crossing Disciplines, Bridging Gaps

Those interested are invited to attend the Health Literacy Network: Crossing Disciplines, Bridging Gaps conference on November 26, 2013 at the University of Sydney, Australia.

The Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) was initiated in 2000 as a United Kingdom/United States university network but now comprises 19 research-intensive institutions spanning six continents. Its mission is to be one of the leading international Higher Education networks, collaborating to accelerate the creation of knowledge and to develop leaders who will be prepared to address the significant challenges, and opportunities, of our rapidly changing world. For more information, visit the UofA WUN webpage.

Health Literacy Network: Crossing Disciplines, Bridging Gaps is the premier conference in Australasia for experts in the field of health literacy. Hosted by the multidisciplinary International Health Literacy Network, the conference brings together international and local researchers, consumers, practitioners, and policymakers for a day of presentations and discussion of new and emerging research.

Health Literacy is concerned with the skills and abilities of individual health consumers to understand health information, engage with their healthcare and navigate the health system. The conference will examine in detail the many transformations in health literacy taking place throughout the world. The keynote speaker is the world’s most published author in this field of health literacy, Professor Michael Wolf from Northwestern University.

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