September 26, 2014

 Programs & Events

Fall 2014 High-Fidelity Simulation Open House

You are cordially invited to attend Fall 2014 High-Fidelity Simulation Open House which will be held in the Nursing Simulation Centre (1-240) on:

Tuesdays: 11:00 – 12:30

Thursdays: 13:00 – 14:30

This is a wonderful opportunity to become familiar with the high fidelity simulators and our clinical simulation rooms.  The open house will give you a chance to discover how simulation can best be integrated into your teaching strategies as well as your education research projects.

Honors Project Presentation Poster Invitation

Free Library Workshops and Training

Please see the following page for information on upcoming workshops including Introduction to Systematic Review Searching, Introduction to RefWorks, and Taking the Anxiety out of APA Style.

For more information, click HERE.


Nursing and its research have never been charged with achieving so much. The best and most efficient ways are now urgently needed to:

  • mobilize and empower nurses to use research, to innovate, and to lead
  • ensure that talented nurses can readily access the best education to do research
  • develop and harness the methods and studies necessary to address the most pressing health needs

To meet these challenges, new approaches are needed – in short: Nursing Research 2.0.

Participate in Margaret Scott Wright Research and Innovation Day on Friday, November 7, 2014 to consider what Nursing Research 2.0 means, connect with others to spearhead change, and contribute to changing the future of nursing and its research.

Please encourage your students (undergraduate, graduate) and post doctoral fellows to submit their abstracts today.  Abstract submission is only open until September 30, 2014!

For more information or to submit an abstract, click HERE.  Registration opens October 3, 2014.

Important Announcements

RSO Changes

A message from Alex Clark, Associate Dean (Research)

Dear tenure-track colleagues,

I wanted to bring some important changes in the Research Services Office (RSO) to your attention.

RSO provides support to our research mainly through Pat Jones, our allocated Research Facilitator.  Effective October 1st, all the RSO research facilitators​ in the University​ will be ​re-​located ​to Campus Tower.  Consequently, Pat Jones will no longer be located in ECHA.

For most research applications​, ​which are now electronic, this move will have little consequence. ​​ However, with the implementation of Grants 3.0, the RSO ​now ​requires research proposals to be sent electronically​ and in a single pdf​ – you should submit​ all applications to Heather Boyco, Research & Funding Support Coordinator, in this format.​

​​For ​funding agencies who require ​paper-based applications, continue to submit these to Heather in hard-copy and she will facilitate the faculty review and submission to RSO, providing the application is ​received 7 business day​s before the sponsors​ deadline.​

The other supports Pat provides to our Faculty members around grant applications will remain in place and will be provided over email, telephone​,​ or in person in Campus Tower.​ Brownbags and resources are now being planned to help you compile the pdfs in your proposal into a single pdf for sending​ to assist with this transition​.​ Heather is happy to provide instructions and answer questions related to this change.

For questions, please contact Heather Boyco.
Ph: 780.492.6832


Updates to the Canadian Common CV (CCV)

Please note that on September 16, 2014, the Canadian Common CV (CCV) changed the way CVs are presented in PDF-form.  Based on extensive feedback from the research community, the PDF layout of CVs created by the CCV has been re-designed to create a CV that better reflects the requirements of an academic CV.  This new PDF layout has been extensively tested and validated by researchers and peer reviewers from various disciplines across Canada.

This new CV layout will not impact the data you have saved in the CCV.  When you preview your CV in the CCV, you will  see your same CV data presented in a slightly different way.

For any questions or comments, please contact CIHR at

CIHR Wants to Hear from You

Absence does not make the heart grow fonder – CIHR wants to hear from you as much as possible. There is a wonderful story to tell about the results and benefits of health research in Canada, but CIHR needs your help to truly make this a page turner.  You are encouraged to let CIHR know when you have or, better still, are close to publishing the results of research funded by CIHR.  Please drop them a line at

Useful CIHR Contacts
General Inquiries:
Grants & Awards Information: 613-954-1968
Media Relations: 613-941-4563
Ethics Office: 613-941-6706
Technical / IT Help Desk: 613-941-0068
Click HERE to view CIHR’s website.

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