Programs & Events

Save the Date! Covenant Health Research Day

The 10th annual Covenant Health Research Day is taking place on Thursday, February 5, 2015.  Registration is open and spots are still available for participants.  The day will consist of presentations, a poster session, and discussion panel. The event is free to all Covenant Health staff and physicians, as well as those of partner organizations.  Click HERE to view the poster and HERE to view the program for more information.

Important Announcements

Call for Candidates for Lower Middle Income Countries (LMIC) Post-doctoral Scholars Fund
Global Nursing Office

As many of you are aware from last year, the Global Nursing Office has funding to launch their program for post-doctoral scholars from low and middle income countries.  The private donor who has been funding their Brazil post-doctoral scholars expanded his support to scholars from other low and middle income countries.

Please see the Terms of Reference HERE.  The first deadline for applications is February 6, 2015.  Depending on the number of applications and level of interest, the deadline may be extended to ensure that we take advantage of this valuable scholarly opportunity.  Please contact Sylvia Barton ( if you have any questions that are not answered in the Terms of Reference.

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