September 18, 2015

REMINDER: Applying for Funding

Once eligibility has been determined for a specific funding opportunity, please ensure you notify the Research & Funding Support Coordinator of your intent to apply.  Send an email to Heather Purchase (Boyco) at

Application Procedure

Before submitting an application, applicants must:

Follow the application instructions that are provided by the funding agency. Applicants are responsible for reviewing and understanding the agency submission process and the University of Alberta’s policies and procedures.

Obtain all required signatures including:

  • Agency required signatures
  • U of A required signatures

Submit the final, signed electronic version (PDF) of the application to a minimum of seven business days before the sponsor deadline to ensure that the application is reviewed and returned to you by the Research Services Office in a timely manner. Applications must be submitted as one complete document; separate files will not be accepted.

Submit a signed hard copy of the funding agency’s signature page(s) to the Coordinator.

Submit a signed hard copy of the completed “Create Application/Proposal/Project” form in Researcher Home Page to the Coordinator.

Submit a signed hard copy of the Pre-Submission Supplementary Signature Page, if needed, to the Coordinator.

  • This signature page is required if there is insufficient space on the sponsor’s application form for all required signatures, or if there will be any University of Alberta co-investigators who are not from the FoN. Please ensure that all boxes are checked as required.

NOTE: The Coordinator will facilitate obtaining signatures on behalf of the Faculty of Nursing (Dean) only. Principal Investigators are responsible for obtaining all other required signatures before submitting their completed applications. Scanned and faxed copies of the signature pages are acceptable unless the funding agency requires hard copies. Digital signatures will not be accepted.

Please remember the following points when completing your budget:

  • Researchers must apply for 20% indirect costs relative to the total cost of the research agreement with the exception of Tri-Council grants and those others that do not allow this line item (contact funding agency for confirmation).
  • If librarian services are required, researchers should include this in their budget.  Click HERE for more details.
  • If the use of the Health Research Data Repository (HRDR) is required, researchers should include this in their budget (contact for details).

For more information, contact:

Heather Purchase (Boyco)
ECHA 5-168

Programs & Events

NVivo Brown Bag Webinar

Easily Collect and Analyze Social Media Content from Twitter Using NVivo

Social Media has become a valuable research arena to observe communities and to analyze topics of interest. Explore in this webinar how you can use NVivo’s NCapture tool to easily collect and analyze content from Twitter. Specifically, this webinar will explore a qualitative project that was conducted to examine the public opinion about 23andMe, a very well known direct-to-consumer genetic testing company.

The webinar will touch on research related topics such as the non-invasive and obtrusive nature of social media research, but it will primarily focus on the aspects of using NCapture to systematically capture a stratified, random sample of tweets for subsequent qualitative analysis through coding.

Date: Tuesday, September 22, 2015
Time: 3:00PM (ET)

Our featured presenter for this webinar is Stephane Struve. Stephan is a Qualitative Research Facilitator in the GeNA Lab within Simon Fraser University.

To register, click HERE.

AWEB Presentation Night


Research Excellence Series

Research Excellence Series PosterClick HERE to view a pdf copy of the poster.

uPNR Inaugural June Kikuchi Memorial LectureClick HERE to view a pdf copy of the poster.

New FoN Funding Opportunity

Innovation in Seniors’ Care Research Unit and Faculty of Nursing Endowment Fund for the Future (EFF) Support for the Advancement of Scholarship (SAS) Partnership Small Operating Grant

The purpose of the Innovation in Seniors’ C

are Research Unit and Faculty of Nursing EFF-SAS Partnership Small Operating Grant funds are intended to: enhance the conduct of research in innovations focused on improving the quality of life of older adults and/or caregivers; position researchers for success in obtaining national funding; engage seniors and students in research, facilitate the integration of teaching and research, and promote research and scholarly activity. Caregivers are defined broadly for this competition. Funds are intended to be utilized in a strategic and transformative manner that aligns with the Innovations in Seniors’ care Research Unit and the Faculty of Nursing 2013-2015 Strategic Plans.

Value of award: $10,000
November 1, 2015

Click HERE to download the guidelines.

Click HERE to download the application form.

If you have any questions about this funding opportunity, please contact:

Heather Purchase (Boyco)
Research & Funding Support Coordinator

(Social Media) News


By now many of you have heard about The View hosts Michelle Collins’ and Joy Behar’s comments regarding Miss America contestant, Kelly Johnson’s monologue in the talent portion of the competition.  Rather than singing or dancing, Miss Colorado walked on stage wearing hospital scrubs and a stethoscope; she spoke about her experiences working with Joe, an elderly gentleman with Alzheimer’s, the man responsible for reminding her of why she “became a nurse in the first place.”

Watch the monologue HERE.

The View hosts commented on Miss Johnson’s performance, saying such things as, “She came out in a nurse’s uniform and basically read her emails out loud,” (Collins) and “Why did she have a doctor’s stethoscope around her neck?” (Behar).

Watch a brief video HERE.

The program and its hosts have faced an incredible backlash from nurses (and the public in general), and the hashtag #NursesUnite has picked up a great deal of steam.  In response to the episode, Global News wrote a column titled, Is being a nurse a talent?  ‘The view’ hosts mock Miss America contestant.  While Miss Johnson spoke about being “just a nurse,” she realized in her encounters with Joe that she is a lifesaver, and is never going to be “just a nurse.”

Here’s to all of the nurses here in our own faculty and all over the world.  You do have a unique talent that so many (like myself) do not possess.  You are appreciated, celebrated, and admired!

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