December 3, 2015

Programs & Events

 Looking for Your Support this Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching! As we all know, there are many families that are less fortunate than we are. The Edmonton Women’s Shelter Outreach Program offers outreach support to the families who leave the shelters and move out on their own. Each family is allowed to be on the list only once so it is a great opportunity to help provide some necessities and even a few extras to make their start a little easier. Last year this organization was able to help over 100 families celebrate the holidays. Many people have asked whether members of Support Staff would be sponsoring a family again this year. We have been in contact with the Edmonton Women’s Shelter Outreach Program – we haven’t been assigned a family yet but have been assured we will receive information shortly. We are asking for the Faculty to come together to donate money to purchase gifts and grocery certificates for the family to make this a memorable Christmas.

There is a good chance the family won’t have a Christmas tree, if you have any extra Canadian tire money laying around your house or in your wallet, please bring it in with your donation. We can put it towards the purchase of ornaments and a Christmas tree. Several support staff members have volunteered to do the shopping for the family.

If you would like to donate some money to help this family, we will be taking donations until December 7, 2015. You can drop off your donation to Sue Crackston (3-180), Melanie Purdue (4-143), or Heather Purchase (5-168). We will be wrapping the gifts on December 14. The Christmas hampers have to be dropped off by December 16.

Note: Tax receipts are available upon request for donations over $20.

Research Excellence Series Poster - December

Launch of Brain Canada-Huntington Society of Canada “Creating HD Clinician-Scientist-to-Patient Virtual Networks” Multi-Investigator Research Initiative (MIRI)

Brain Canada and Huntington Society of Canada are pleased to announce launch of the “Creating HD Clinician-Scientist-to-Patient Virtual Networks” multi-investigator research initiative (MIRI). This joint initiative will support three-year MIRI research projects which connect clinicians with scientists, and scientists with the HD (Huntington Disease) community, in a manner that can be demonstrated to create a collaborative HD Clinician-to-Scientist-to-Patient Virtual Network. The multi-disciplinary and multi-investigator approach emphasized in this initiative is expected to maximize the opportunity for discovery and translational research that will expedite the discovery-to-effective-treatment cycle, while expanding the overall understanding of HD therapy in humans.

Workshop/ Teleconference Q&A Session: December 15, 2015
Deadline for Submission of Application:
February 26, 2016, 16:00 EST

Click HERE for more details.

For more information about this program and more, please contact

Covenant Health 11th Annual Research Day

Resilience – patient, practitioner, and community, and the potential for transforming health and health care delivery

Research Day Objectives

The Covenant Health Research Day provides an opportunity for practitioners, academics and community stakeholders to share and discuss health research in emerging areas: this year, we are focusing on resilience and its potential to transform health outcomes. Feature lecturers from well-established researchers, demonstrating how their research has impacted practice and health outcomes, will help inform and influence our thinking on resilience and the role it plays in healthy patients, families, and workforces.

Keynote Address: David Cruise Malloy, PhD.

Too often, both the needs of patients and the input of staff tend to go unheard and unacknowledged within the vast bureaucracy of our health care institutions. Dr. David Cruise Malloy will discuss how this oversight negatively impacts outcomes for patients, and how we must work to ensure that those receiving care come before the system created to serve them.

Dr. David Cruise Malloy is the Vice President (Research) at the University of Regina, Canada. He is the Principal Investigator for the International Healthcare Ethics Research Team at the University of Regina, the Foreign Director of the International Bioethics Research Institute of Shandong Province, China, the Principal Investigator and Honorary Dean of the Research Institute for Multiculturalism and Applied Philosophy at Hunan University, China, and a Fellow of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association in Client Counselling & Organizational Consulting. Dr. Malloy has served as the Associate Dean in the Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research and in the Faculty of Kinesiology & Health Studies as the Assistant Dean. He serves as an adjudicator for both SSHRC and CIHR; as well he occupies the role of the University’s SSHRC Leader.

Early bird registration fee is $35.00 prior to January 15, 2016, after which extra fees will be applicable.

Date: February 11, 2016
Time: 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Location: Grey Nuns Community Hospital Auditorium

For more information and to register, click HERE.

NADDI 2016: Document, Discover, and Interoperate

The North American DDI (NADDI) user conference provides opportunities for all who are actively using or are interested in learning about this community-developed metadata standard for observational research data. This is a conference to come together, connect, and learn from one another. NADDI 2016 will be a three-day conference consisting of hands-on workshops (April 6) and both invited and contributed presentations (April 7 & 8). These events will be of interest to a broad community, including research and data professionals in the social and health sciences and other disciplines, and at all levels of expertise, from novice to expert.

This year’s conference theme is ‘Document, Discover, and Interoperate’.

The full power of DDI is exhibited through its applications in documenting, discovering, and interoperating data. These are activities that sustain the flow of vital information throughout a research project. Through the use of DDI, this research information is defined, identified, structured so that it can be shared predictably with other applications or be machine-actionable.

January 15, 2016: Abstract submission closes
January 29, 2016: Notification of abstract acceptance
March 18, 2016: Presenter’s deadline to register
March 18, 2016: Early rate registration closes
March 28, 2016: Registration deadline
April 6-8, 2016: Conference Dates

The hosts of this year’s NADDI conference are the Health Research Data Repository and Faculty of Nursing Research Portfolio of the University of Alberta.

For more information and to register, click HERE.

For immediate inquiries or additional information at this time please contact the conference Chair, James Doiron (

We invite you to mark your calendar for this international conference. The conference will take place from April 28-30, 2016 at the Chateau Lacombe Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Health care in Canada’s North, other circumpolar regions such as Alaska, Greenland, the Nordic countries, and Arctic Russia—and indeed globally wherever there are scattered small remote communities—faces many challenges.

Despite considerable investment in health care resources, health disparities persist in many regions, especially between the indigenous and non-indigenous populations.

Improving health and health care in remote communities requires transforming existing health systems, by developing, implementing, and evaluating innovative strategies, programs and technologies which are appropriate for the physical, social, cultural and economic environments.

What are the key challenges and emerging issues?
What solutions have been tried and do they work?
What can we learn from other jurisdictions?
What can we do differently to improve health and health care?

Join us as we explore solutions together at this conference.

Who should attend?

This conference is for those with an interest in strengthening collaborations to improve our health-care systems and the health of circumpolar and other remote communities.

It is for researchers, clinicians, managers, policy makers, service providers and representatives of industry, non-governmental organizations and indigenous communities from Canada, Nordic countries, Greenland, Alaska, Russia, Australia and other countries with scattered, remote populations.

November 3, 2015: Abstracts submission site opens
November 10, 2015: Registration site opens
January 7, 2016: Abstracts submission site closes
January 21, 2016: Notification of abstract review decisions
March 18, 2016: Early bird rate deadline
April 20, 2016: Registration site closes
April 28, 2016: Conference begins

For more information and to register, click HERE.

Important Announcements

CJNL Call for Abstracts: Advanced Practice Nursing

The Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership invites abstract submissions to be considered for full papers focused on advanced practice nursing. Research-based papers or scholarly papers using a systematic approach or specific methodological framework to examine education, practice or policy issues relevant to clinical nurse specialist (CNS) and or nurse practitioner (NP) roles will be considered. Preference will be given to papers that examine CNS and/or NP roles in one or more of the following areas:

  • Innovative models of care
  • Evaluation of outcomes addressing access to care, population health, equity, efficiency, safety, effectiveness and or quality of care
  • New insights about how CNS and/or NP roles should evolve to address emerging population and or health system needs
  • Canadian advanced practice nursing issues within an international context

Abstracts should be no more than 300 words and include the identification of five key words (e.g. advanced practice nursing, implementation, evaluation, education, policy, leadership). The deadline for abstracts is January 8, 2016.

Abstract submissions will be reviewed by guest editors Dr. Denise Bryant Lukosius and Dr. Ruth Martin-Misener. Authors of selected abstracts will be invited to submit full manuscripts by January 22, 2016. The deadline for submission of manuscripts will be March 24, 2016.

Please direct all submissions and queries to: Dianne Foster Kent, Editorial Director, Longwoods Publishing at:

Click HERE for view the call for abstracts.

Killam Annual Professorship Applications for 2016-2017 Now Being Accepted

Applications are now being accepted for the 2016-2017 Killam Annual Professorships.

It is the intention that these professorships are accessible to relatively new and junior staff members, as well as faculty who are more established academics. Although the process is one of self-nomination, your Faculty Evaluation Committee may want to consider encouraging a diversity of faculty members to apply. In the past there has been an imbalance in the gender distribution of applications, and we encourage diversity with applications from qualified women and men, including persons with disabilities, members of visible minorities and Aboriginal persons.

For detailed information on the terms of reference and application procedure as well as the application form for the 2016-2017 Killam Annual Professorships, please click HERE.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 4:30 p.m., Friday, February 12, 2016.

In this issue:

  • Watch for Changes: March 2016 Project Competition
  • March 2016 Project Competition: Items that Cannot Change After Registration
  • March 2016 Project Competition Internal Review
  • Project Competition Workshop: What do we know?
  • Mock Project Application Facilitated Discussion
  • Project Competition Resources
  • Funds for Equipment can be Requested in Project Application
  • Partnered / Integrated Knowledge (iKT) Special Consideration for Project Competition
  • Internal UofA Deadline for Project Applications
  • CIHR Project 2016 Stage 2 Q & A Sessions
  • Stage 2 Foundation Application Discussion
  • Stage 2 & 3 Foundation Peer Review Discussion
  • Stage 2 Foundation Application Budget Discussion
  • Stage 2 Foundation Application Resources
  • Foundation 2015 Stage 2 Internal Review
  • CIHR Foundation 2015 Q & A Sessions
  • Embedded Clinician Researcher Salary Award
  • Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Competition
  • Canada – Netherlands Personalized Medicine in Immune Mediated Inflammatory Musculoskeletal Disease Network Funding Opportunity
  • CIHR Roadmap Signature Initiative on Pathways to Health Equity for Aboriginal Peoples
  • GACD Lung Diseases Team Grant
  • The Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit
  • Archiving Clinical Trial Study Documents
  • Who is my Research Facilitator?
  • Support for CIHR Competitions
  • CIHR University Delegate News
  • Subscribe to CIHR’s Funding News
  • Subscribe to the Grant Assist Program (Health Sciences) E-bulletin
  • About the Grant Assist Program (Health Sciences)

For information on any of the points above, click HERE.


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