April 28, 2016

Programs and Events

Research Excellence Series Poster -May

Realist Methodology and Synthesis Workshop

Join Dr. Gill Westhorp for this exciting Realist Summer School. Each day will include an advanced skills workshop in the morning with topics selected in response to a needs analysis of participants, and working sessions in the afternoons. Working sessions will provide participants with opportunities to work on their own projects with support from facilitators; opportunities to workshop specific issues or difficulties with other participants; and opportunities to present aspects of work in progress and receive feedback from others. Projects can be of any type – realist evaluation, realist reviews, research funding applications, or other realist research projects – and at any stage of development, from conception through design to data collection, analysis or write-up. The summer school will provide a real opportunity to consolidate knowledge, develop expertise, strengthen teams and build a network of realist practitioners.

Fees are $250 for students, $500 for University of Saskatchewan staff, and $1,000 for others (CAD). Teams are encouraged to attend together or send multiple members. Team discounts are available at the rate of 10% for teams of three to five members and 25% for teams of six or more members.

Date: June 13-17, 2016
Location: University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

For more information and to register, click HERE.
Should you have any questions, please contact yxe.realistworkshop@usask.ca.

In the News (AIHS News)

One needle or two?

Dr. Shannon MacDonald

There are many reasons parents don’t vaccinate. One of the common reasons many parents hesitate is because multiple needles are required per vaccination, which means more distress for their small children. In response to this concern, Alberta Health Services introduced the option of a single-injection vaccine (measles-mumps-rubella-chickenpox) in 2010. But there was evidence from a US study that a similar single-injection shot increased fever-induced seizures in a small number of children…

“Lots of provinces were using the single-injection (measles-mumps-rubella-chickenpox) vaccine. But because Alberta Health has a province-wide immunization repository, we had the ability to answer the question. We could determine if continuing to use the single-injection vaccine was a good decision,” said Dr. MacDonald.

Dr. MacDonald’s research showed that the absolute level of risk for febrile (fever) seizures, after the first dose of the single-injection vaccination, was small— 3.5 additional seizures for every 10,000 children immunized. She was also able to determine that seizures among high-risk children were not significantly different. If a child is not vaccinated, the risk of febrile seizures from measles disease is 60-to-70 for every 10,000 children…

Click HERE to read more.

Attention (Undergraduate) Students!

The Faculty of Nursing within the University of Alberta seeks to create and sustain a culture of undergraduate research through the Undergraduate Summer Student Summer Series: Launchpad to Research, a two-hour seminar series held weekly over eight weeks. The FoN opens this event to all undergraduate students engaged in research across all health-related disciplines. The event raises students’ awareness of and interest in research through a rich breadth of speakers, including CRCs, tenure-track researchers, PhD students, and PDFs who engage in a broad range of research and methods. Students are supported in developing the tools for research by ensuring ongoing opportunity for open discussion and increased awareness of essential research components and opportunities. Student engagement in research is fostered through networking, learning necessary research skills, and participation in the Student Poster Presentation. Students learn to disseminate and celebrate their research as they are guided through the processes of writing an abstract, and then creating a poster which they then present. The Poster Presentation is open to the FoN and its ECHA neighbours. This powerful exercise provides students with a valuable learning experience.

Dates: Wednesdays, June 8 – July 27, 2016
Time: 12:00 – 2:00 p.m.

Registration for this program will open on May 15, 2016 and will close on May 29, 2016. Cost for registration is $50/person and includes lunch each week. NOTE: Registration will be waved for recipients of the FoN Undergraduate Student Summer Research Award.

Questions? Interested in presenting? Contact Christie Nobes at christie.nobes@ualberta.ca or 780.492.6832.

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