May 27, 2016

Attention (Undergraduate) Students!

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A Message From Our ADR Dr. Alex Clark

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Faculty of Nursing Proudly Published!

Each week we will bring you a newly published article featuring one or more of our Faculty! This week we feature the following article:

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Funding Opportunities

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Stars in Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Request For Proposals

Stars in Global Health, Round 8 – May 2016

Grand Challenges Canada seeks Bold Ideas with Big Impact from the best and brightest talent, both in low- and middle-income countries and in Canada, to use scientific/technical, social and business innovation to address reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health, to save and improve lives in low- and middle-income countries.

For more information about the Stars in Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Request For Proposals and eligibility criteria, please click HERE.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  July 19, 2016, at 15:00 ET

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Saving Brains Request For Proposals

Saving Brains, Round 5 – May 2016

With the ultimate goal of increasing human capital and tackling existing inequalities, Saving Brains seeks bold ideas for products, services and implementation models that protect and nurture early brain development in a sustainable manner. Through this Request For Proposals, Saving Brains will support applications for seed funding to develop and validate these bold ideas.

For more information about the Saving Brains Request for Proposals and eligibility criteria, please click HERE.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  July 29, 2016, at 15:00 ET

 The Drummond Foundation – Request for Applications

The Drummond Foundation invites applications for Grants from clinical investigators working in Canada who are interested in aging-related research and in improving the quality of life of socially, mentally, or physically disadvantaged older adults and their families. To view the Request for Applications, click Drummond Foundation.

LOI Deadline: July 1, 2016

Final Deadline: September 30, 2016

Programs and Events

Research Administration day is June 1, 2016 – “Are we Ready? – Tri-Council Monitoring Visit”

Registration is now open for this year’s RAD, June 1, 2016.

The Research Services Office (RSO) offers continuing education and professional development seminars for university research staff. Research Administration Day (RAD) provides practical presentations and interactive workshops focused on the complexity, diversity and accountability of administration responsibilities tied to research funding. The purpose of RAD is to promote and support excellence in research administration.

RAD is designed for those who are involved with research administration and management at the Faculty, Department and project level. There are three learning streams: 100 (introductory), 200 (intermediate), and 300 (advanced).

This year, we are offering 6 morning sessions with a primary focus on information and systems that would ensure the University is prepared for our next Tri-Council monitoring visit, which is expected this fall/winter term. You can view the RAD 2016 Program session descriptions, and access the online registration at this link

If you require additional information please contact your Research Facilitator

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