June 17, 2016

Important Announcements

Tri-Agencies adopt Statement of Principles on Digital Data Management

Canada’s three federal research granting agencies—the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, and SSHRC—have adopted the Tri-Agency Statement of Principles on Digital Data Management as an important step towards strengthening research data management in Canada and maintaining Canada’s research excellence.

The Statement is the result of targeted community engagement, and will serve as the basis for the continuing work of the agencies on the renewal of their data management policies. It recognizes that different stakeholders in Canada’s research system have different roles and responsibilities, and that all parts of the system must work together in order to ensure that Canada maintains international best practices in the preservation, accessibility and reuse of research data.

The Statement outlines the agencies’ overarching expectations for research data management and the roles of researchers, research institutions, research communities, and research funders in supporting data management. It complements and builds upon existing agency policies, and will serve as a guide to assist the research community in preparing for, and contributing to the development of, Tri-Agency data management requirements.  The Statement itself does not include mandatory requirements.

Because the research data management environment continues to evolve, the agencies will continue stakeholder engagement and review and revise the Statement as appropriate.

Learn more about the tri-agency data management initiative, and read the Tri-Agency Statement of Principles on Digital Data Management, at science.gc.ca.

In this issue:
• March 2016 Project Competition Update
• Support for Fall 2016 Foundation Applications
• Support for Fall 2016 Project Applications
• CIHR Funding Opportunities Posted Since May 1
• Researchers Invited to Analyze Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA) Data
• New Modules for the Course on Research Ethics (CORE)
• Team Grant: Canada-Latin America-Caribbean Zika Virus Program Webinar
• Sign up for CIHR Institute E-bulletins
• Knowledge Translation Platform: SPOR SUPPORT Unit
• CIHR Announces Chairs of New Institutes Advisory Boards
• Support for CIHR Competitions
• CIHR University Delegate News
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• Subscribe to the Grant Assist Program (Health Sciences) E-bulletin
• About the Grant Assist Program (Health Sciences)

Programs and Events

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Proudly Published

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Funding Opportunities

Maternal, Newborn, Child and Youth Strategic Clinical Network – Health Outcomes Improvement Fund Request for Proposals

The mission of the Maternal Newborn Child and Youth (MNCY) Strategic Clinical Network (SCN) is “to bring together people, evidence and data to achieve the best possible health outcomes for mothers, newborns, children and families within a sustainable, publically funded health care system.” To facilitate this mission, Nutrition and Food Services (NFS) at Alberta Health Services (AHS) has made value-added funds available to the MNCY SCN to be used for research and quality improvement projects to improve health and clinical care for women, infants, children, and youth.

Registration Due: July 15 @4:00 PM

Full Proposals Due: October 3, 2016 @4:00 PM

Notice of Decision: November 25, 2016

Please visit the webpage to view further information and to access the online registration form.

Mitacs Elevate – Postdoctoral Funding

Mitacs Elevate is now accepting applications for two-year postdoctoral funding:

  • $55,000 annual award (plus $7,500 per year non-cash value in training)
  • Exclusive, customized professional development training
  • Long-term collaborative research project with a non-academic partner


Letter of intent and Conflict of Interest declaration due: July 27, 2016, at 5 p.m. PDT

Pre-review of draft applications: August 10, 2016, at 5 p.m. PDT

Application due: August 24, 2016, at 1 p.m. PDT

Results announced: November 2016

Projects must start by February 1, 2017

For more information, contact elevate@mitacs.ca

Manitoba Gambling Research Program 

Proposals for the Focused Research Project “Explaining the Relationships Between Problem Gambling and Co-Occurring Disorders” are now being accepted by the Manitoba Gambling Research Program. Please see the Project Guide on our website for full details and specific project goals. Proposals are due August 10, 2016 (16:00 CDT).Researchers from across Canada are eligible to apply; a Manitoba research team member is not required to be eligible. Up to $130,000 per project awarded. The Research Council may select more than one proposal to award funding. Please submit any questions regarding this project to Carly Sacco by July 20, 2016.

Small Grant proposals (up to $50,000) are due July 27, 2016 (16:00 CDT). (must include a team member from Manitoba)

The Drummond Foundation – Request for Applications

The Drummond Foundation invites applications for Grants from clinical investigators working in Canada who are interested in aging-related research and in improving the quality of life of socially, mentally, or physically disadvantaged older adults and their families. To view the Request for Applications, click Drummond Foundation.

LOI Deadline: July 1, 2016

Final Deadline: September 30, 2016

Stars in Reproductive health.jpg

Stars in Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Request For Proposals

Grand Challenges Canada seeks Bold Ideas with Big Impact from the best and brightest talent, both in low- and middle-income countries and in Canada, to use scientific/technical, social and business innovation to address reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health, to save and improve lives in low- and middle-income countries.

For more information about the Stars in Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Request For Proposals and eligibility criteria, please click HERE.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  July 19, 2016, at 15:00 ET

Saving Brains.jpg

Saving Brains Request For Proposals

With the ultimate goal of increasing human capital and tackling existing inequalities, Saving Brains seeks bold ideas for products, services and implementation models that protect and nurture early brain development in a sustainable manner. Through this Request For Proposals, Saving Brains will support applications for seed funding to develop and validate these bold ideas.

For more information about the Saving Brains Request for Proposals and eligibility criteria, please click HERE.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  July 29, 2016, at 15:00 ET

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