December 22, 2016

captureThis weeks’ bulletin lists the internal funding opportunities:NEW: University of Alberta-Internal Call for Proposals: IC-IMPACTS; REMINDER: Teaching and Learning  Enhancement Fund (TLEF); Teaching, Learning, and Simulation Research (TLSR) Grant; EFF-KS. There are new external funding opportunities posted: AIHS-Alberta Precision Health Initiative Development Grant; CIHR- ICS Travel Awards; ICS Planning and Dissemination Grants; CIHR- Health Impact Fellowships; CIHR- Personalized Health Catalyst Grants;CIHR- Project Grant. Please see below for the detailed information on any of these and also for the announcements !

Funding Opportunities-Internal

University of Alberta-Internal Call for Proposals: IC-IMPACTS New!

Information: India-Canada Centre for Innovative Multidisciplinary Partnerships to Accelerate Community Transformation and Sustainability (IC-IMPACTS) is a Canada-India Research Centre of Excellence established through the Canadian Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE). IC-IMPACTS funds research related to improving infrastructure, health and water in rural regions of India and First Nations Communities in Canada. IC-IMPACTS currently has an open call for proposals to support demonstration projects. The University of Alberta is one of three founding partners of IC-IMPACTS and is the lead on the integrated water management theme. For more information click here

Application Deadline: January 25, 2017

Just a REMINDER about following internal funding opportunities as their deadline is approaching soon!

Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF)

Information: This supports a diverse range of initiatives specifically focused on creating exceptional and life changing university experiences for students. To check the internal faculty of nursing guidelines for application submission, please Click here

To check the TLEF specific guidelines and information, please Click here

Application Deadline: January 16, 2017

Please note the application deadline to send to the nursing research office for signatures, Dean’s appraisal letter and ranking  is  January 3rd, 2017

Teaching, Learning, and Simulation Research (TLSR) Grant 

Information: This grant is intended to increase research capacity, and to increase knowledge about the use of teaching, learning and patient simulation in nursing education. For more information on TLSR Grant guidelines and instructions click here
To fill out the application form click here
Application Deadline: January 12, 2017

Endowment Fund for the Future: Support for the Advancement of Scholarship
(EFF-SAS) Knowledge Synthesis Grant(KS)

Information: This funding opportunity is to support integrative, scoping, systematic, meta-syntheses or meta-analysis reviews.  Funds are intended to be utilized in a strategic and transformative manner that aligns with the  Faculty of Nursing Strategic Plan 2013-2015 (pdf).

For more information on KS Grant guidelines and instructions click here
To fill out the application form click here
Application Deadline: January 12, 2017

Funding Opportunities-External

Alberta Precision Health Initiative Development Grant New!

Information: This opportunity is a partnership with Genome Alberta to facilitate the coalescence of multi-sectoral teams, catalyze their activities in precision health and enhance Alberta’s competitiveness in upcoming national and international precision health funding opportunities. For more information click here

Registration Deadline: January 16, 2017


CIHR: ICS Travel Awards New!

Information: Through the Institute Community Support (ICS) Program, the CIHR Institutes and Initiatives are launching the ICS Travel Awards competition for students, postdoctoral fellows, new investigators and knowledge users to present their own research at national and international meetings and/or conferences. For more information click here

Application Deadline: January 24, 2017

ICS Planning and Dissemination Grants New!

Information: This  will provide funding for applications for dissemination activities that are determined to be relevant to the following strategic research areas:

  • Healthy aging in the community
  • Innovations in healthcare financing and funding (including international comparisons)
  • eHealth Innovations
  • Learning health systems

This will also support international health services and policy eHealth planning activities, with priority given to those related to ITEA, Active and Assisted Living (AAL) and More Years Better Lives (MYBL).
Anticipated launch date: January 10, 2017
Application deadline: February 21, 2017

CIHR-Health Impact Fellowships New!

Information: The Health System Impact Fellowship is targeted to PhD graduates (post-docs) who are interested in applying their research and analytic talents to critical challenges faced by health system and related organizations outside of the traditional scholarly setting, and who want to benefit from professional work experience, mentorship from health system and academic leaders, and professional development training in an expanded set of competencies (e.g., leadership, negotiation, project management, change management) designed to accelerate professional growth.

Stay tuned for updates on the training modernization webpage and an upcoming series of information webinars in 2017. For questions, please contact Meghan McMahon at

Launch Date: January 2017

Application Deadline: Spring 2017

CIHR: Personalized Health Catalyst Grants New!

Information: The purpose of the Personalized Health Catalyst Grant funding opportunity is to support researchers to maximize and leverage previous collaborative investments in personalized medicine, e-health and data platforms by driving evidence-based implementation of personalized health solutions that can contribute to more cost-effective and sustainable health care. For more information please contact:
613-954-1968 or

Application Deadline: June 13, 2017

Information Webinar: January 27, 2017 @ 1:00-2:0pm ET

Webinar access (meeting number 550360858, password CIHR)
Toll-free number: 1-877-413-4781
Conference code: 769 622 9

CIHR: Project Grant New!

Information: It supports projects with a specific purpose and a defined endpoint. The best ideas may stem from new, incremental, innovative, and/or high-risk lines of inquiry or knowledge translation approaches. For more information click here

Registration Deadline: May 30, 2017

Application Deadline: June 13, 2017


Here is a message from Research Services Office (RSO):

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