Faculty of Nursing

The Faculty of Nursing internal funding opportunities for the 2017-2018 term are posted on the nursing website.

For Faculty funding opportunities click here

For students funding opportunities click here

Faculty of Nursing University Conference Fund (Application Deadline September 15, 2017)

The Conference Fund supports conferences and symposia or colloquia (as distinct from visiting lectureships) that contribute to scholarship and are sponsored or hosted by the University within Alberta.  It is the only fund at the University for this purpose.  It is the only fund at the University for this purpose.  The funding for the Conference Fund is provided by the Office of the Vice-President (Research).
To ensure maximum use and distribution of the limited University of Alberta funds available, applicants are expected to seek other sources of support as well as submitting an application to this fund. One conference or symposium will be funded for $3,500.

For more information, please see the guidelines (PDF). To fill out the application form, please click here (.DOCX).

 Endowment Fund for the Future – Support for the Advancement of Scholarship (EFF-SAS) Research Fund (Application Deadline November 3, 2017).

The EFF for the Advancement of Scholarship is intended to enhance student experiences through engagement in research, facilitate the integration of teaching and research, and promote research and scholarly activity. Funds are intended to be utilized in a strategic and transformative manner that aligns with the Faculty of Nursing Strategic Plan 2013-2015 (PDF).

For more information on the EF-SAS Grant Guidelines click here (PDF, 664 KB) and to fill out the EF-SAS Grant Application Form click here (DOCX).

Faculty of Nursing Establishment Grant (There is no deadline for this funding opportunity, but apply within your first year of appointment).

This grant is intended to support the establishment or transition of research programs for newly hired tenure-track faculty members. It has a term of three years and is intended for primary and secondary research studies (including systematic reviews) in the early stage of a faculty appointment (within one year). It can be used to support staff, equipment, travel/conferences, and infrastructure expenses, including HRDR and library services.

For more information, please review the guidelines (PDF) and application form(.DOCX).

There is no deadline for this funding opportunity.

Faculty of Nursing Teaching, Learning and Simulation Research Grant (Application Deadline October 2, 2017)

The Faculty of Nursing Teaching, Learning and Simulation Research (TLSR) Grant is intended to increase research capacity and to increase knowledge about the use of teaching, learning, and patient simulation in nursing education.

Tenure track faculty may apply for one operating grant per competition as the nominated Principal Applicant. The amount for the award is a maximum total of $20,000, tenable for one year. A maximum of two awards will be granted.

For more information please see the guidelines(PDF). To fill out the application form click here (.DOCX).

International Nursing Scholar Series (January 31, 2018)

To provide funds to one Area of Excellence group in the Faculty of Nursing to engage an internationally renowned scholar in nursing or health to foster scholarship, engagement, and mentorship within key communities in and across the Faculty of Nursing.

The Faculty of Nursing will provide one AoE group with funds up to $5000.

For more information please see the guidelines (PDF).

Maurice and Edna Minton Endowment Fund (Application Deadline March 1, 2018)

Through a generous donation from the late Mr. Maurice C. Minton, the Maurice and Edna Marie Minton Endowment Fund for Cancer Nursing Research was established. The intent of the endowment is to enhance the quality and quantity of cancer nursing research for the purpose of improving nursing practice and patient care. This year, the competition will be open to both faculty and students. Faculty may apply for research project and graduate students can apply for student education bursary. There will be maximum of 1 award of up to $10,000 or 2 awards of up to $5,000 in each category.

For more information , please see the guidelines (PDF). Click here(.DOCX) to fill out the research project application form. Click here (.DOCX) to fill the student education bursary application form.

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