Recent Publications

Berry, T. R., Stearns, J. A., Courneya, K. S., McGannon, K. R., Norris, C. M., Rodgers, W. M., & Spence, J. C. (2016). Women’s perceptions of heart disease and breast cancer and the association with media representations of the diseases. Journal of Public Health38(4), e496-e503. IF 2.019, SNIP 1.156

Ceci, C., Pols, J., & Purkis, M. E. (2017). Chapter two: Privileging practices: Manifesto for “New nursing studies”. In Thomas Foth, Dave Holmes, Manfred Hülsken-Giesler, Susanne Kreutzer, Hartmut Remmers (Eds.), Critical approaches in nursing theory and nursing research (pp. 51-67). Osnabrück: V&R unipress.

Clark, A. M., & Sousa, B. J. (2017). The growth of the international journal of qualitative methods [Editorial]. International Journal of Qualitative Methods16(1), 1609406917692636. IF 0.769, SNIP 1.114

Estefan, A., Caine, V., & Clandinin, D. (2016). At the intersections of narrative inquiry and professional education (Invited). Narrative Works6(1).

Holroyd-Leduc, J. M., McMillan, J., Jette, N., Bremault-Phillips, S. C., Duggleby, W., Hanson, H. M., & Parmar, J. (In Press). Stakeholder meeting: Integrated knowledge translation approach to address the caregiver support gap. Canadian Journal on Aging, 1-12. IF 0.514, SNIP 0.420

Kalfoss, M. H., Low, G., & Halvorsrud, L. (In Press). Identity processes among older Norwegians living in urban and rural areas. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 0193945916687514. IF 1.090, SNIP 0.731

Markle-Reid, M., Ploeg, J., Fraser, K. D., Fisher, K. A., Akhtar-Danesh, N., Bartholomew, A., Gafni, A., Gruneir, A., Hirst, S. P., Kaasalainen, S., Stradiotto, C. K., Miklavcic, J., Rojas-Fernandez, C., Sadowski, C. A., Thabane, L., Triscott, J. A., & Upshur, R. (2017). The ACHRU-CPP versus usual care for older adults with type-2 diabetes and multiple chronic conditions and their family caregivers: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials18(1), 55-017-1795-9. IF 1.859, SNIP 0.844

Muliira, R., Santos Salas, A., & O’Brian, B. (2017). Quality of life among female cancer survivors in Africa: An integrative literature review. Asia-Pacific Journal of Oncology Nursing4(1), 6-17. 

Parke, B., & Hunter, K. F. (2017). The dementia-friendly emergency department: An innovation to reducing incompatibilities at the local level. Healthcare Management Forum30(1), 26-31. SNIP 0.150

Scott, S. D., Albrecht, L., Given, L. M., Hartling, L., Johnson, D. W., Jabbour, M., & Klassen, T. P. (In Press). Pediatric information seeking behaviour, information needs, and information preferences of health care professionals in general emergency departments: Results from the translating emergency knowledge for kids (TREKK) needs assessment. CJEM. IF 1.106, SNIP 0.566

Yamada, J., Squires, J. E., Estabrooks, C. A., Victor, C., Stevens, B., & CIHR Team in Children’s Pain. (2017). The role of organizational context in moderating the effect of research use on pain outcomes in hospitalized children: A cross sectional study. BMC Health Services Research17(1), 68-017-2029-2. IF 1.606, SNIP 1.218

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