August 16, 2018

Programs & Events

Upcoming Grant Assist Program Sessions for the Faculty of Nursing

This year the Faculty of Nursing will be offering two GAP Sessions for anyone planning to apply to CIHR or SSHRC grants this coming year. These sessions are open to faculty researchers, research coordinators, post-doctoral fellows and any other students who may be assisting in the application process.

The first session for researchers with focus on health sciences will take place on August 27, 2018 from 10:00 am to 11:30 am in ECHA 5-001. This session will provide helpful information for those planning to submit a proposal to CIHR. Click here to register for this session.

The second session for researchers with focus in social sciences will take place on September 6, 2018 from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm in ECHA 4-001. This session will  explain  the various SSHRC competitions and how researchers in health disciplines have succeeded in the past. Click here to register for this session.

If you would like to attend please complete the above links. Any questions can be directed to

Important Announcements

Canada Research Coordinating Committee Launches Consultation

The Canadian Research Coordinating Committee (CRCC) recently launched its national consultation to reinvigorate Canada’s support for science by achieving greater harmonization, integration and coordination among Canada’s granting agencies.

The CRCC invites you to share your views through the online consultation which is open until August 27, 2018. Your expertise as a key stakeholder and important contributor to Canada’s research community is valued by the CRCC and the Government of Canada.

The consultations will focus on three priorities:

  1. Creating a new tri-agency fund to support international, multidisciplinary, high-risk and rapid-response research
  2. Strengthening equity, diversity and inclusion in research
  3. Supporting early career researchers

The new tri-agency fund is particularly exciting because it is the first-ever research fund of its kind in Canada that crosses disciplinary boundaries, encourages international collaboration and increases support for and leadership in cutting-edge, transformative research areas.

The federal government announced the new tri-agency fund in Budget 2018 with an investment of $275 million over five years, starting in 2018-19, and $65 million per year ongoing. This funding is in addition to investments to support investigator-driven research.

CRCC hopes to launch the first call-for-proposals for the new fund by Fall 2018 to continue to position Canada as a home to world-class research and strong support for science and scholarship.

CRCC members have been moving forward with a number of other key actions related to measures announced in the most recent federal budget. These actions include supporting institutions through the adoption of the Athena SWAN program, and co-developing with Indigenous communities, and interdisciplinary research and research training model that contributes to reconciliation.

This is an opportunity for Canadians, the research community and the next generation of scientists, scholars and students to help shape research in Canada.